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Here for you
Here for you

Whoever you are, whatever your problems, whatever your thoughts and feelings, talking through what’s going on with a skilled professional can help.

Whatever you’d like to talk about, we can guarantee a sympathetic listening ear.


Living with real personal challenges can often have an impact on day to day life. We empower and support individuals through difficult times and change.  We are inclusive and respect diversity.


Everyone has a unique set of experiences strengths and concerns, so our focus and approach is person – centred. Working together, to help you address your needs.

About Holistic Zen

Welcome to Holistic Zen Support Services. Our trained counsellor with over 35 years’ of experience will help you with your Mental, Emotional, Psychological and Physical Well-being.

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Welcome to Holistic Zen Support services

To Promote:

- Mental Resilience - Fortitude -
- Self-Belief - Self-Esteem -
- Self-Love - Self-Worth -
- Self-Acceptance - Stamina -
- Rationale -

To Improve:

- Mental, Emotional, Psychological & Physical Wellbeing -

Living with real personal challenges can often have an impact on day to day life, making things that others might not think about a bit more difficult.

To reduce/manage:

- Depression - Anxiety -
- Stress - Fear - Panic -
- Phobias -
- Destructive behaviours -
- Addictive behaviours -
- Anger - OCD - Trauma -
- Relationship problems -
- Irrational thoughts and behaviours -

Sessions Conducted:

In Person - By Telephone - Zoom

Conducted with genuine empathy, compassion, and respect, in a non-judgemental, understanding and insightful way. Offering inspiration, freedom and personal space in which to find, expand and express the self, and permission to be that person.

Gender Identity

Gender identity

Gender Identity

...is a personal internal perception of oneself, and as such, the gender category with which a person identifies may not match the sex they were assigned at birth. In contrast, sex is biologically determined.

Mirror image

Working with

...Gender Dysphoria, Transgender, and Non-binary clients during Questioning and Transitioning.

Offering a safe environment to discuss important matters.
Facilitating clients to gain confidence in self-expression and improving communications.


Helping with

- Questioning - Pre Transition -
- Transitioning - Post Transition -
- Coming out / Disclosure -
- Cross dressing -
- Relationship issues -

My counselling supports people with diverse gender concerns in finding the best way forward.
I work respectfully with a variety of clients and have been providing counselling support for a number of years.

My pronouns are...

Some Terminologies

- Transgender - Trans Male -
- Trans Female - Gender Fluid -
- Agender - Binary -
- Non-binary - Pangender -
- Genderqueer - Gender neutral -
- Cisgender -

Who will I speak to?

Charlotte Nightingale

Charlotte Nightingale

Complimentary Medical Association – Registered Member / Relate trained Counsellor / Trained Midwife

Counsellor – Relationships, Mindfulness Teacher Trainer, TGNC Counselling, Biofeedback Analytics. Integrative Holistic Practitioner. Incorporating ZEN Philosophies

Over 30 years in the NHS in Midwifery.

Charlotte currently works in private practice in Integrated Psychological Interventions. She combines powerful Eastern and Western Philosophies and modalities to effect optimum change through letting go of self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns.

Charlotte’s other great passion is her Humanitarian/Philanthropic Programmes in Accra – Ghana, supporting Education, Young Farmers and Women’s self-help Enterprise. You can view the programmes here: www.tetknight.com

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